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Finished The Fault In Our Stars

What are words?

There aren’t really spoilers. But I do mention the plethora of feelings that the book provokes, so you might want to read the book first. 

This is honestly one of the single most brilliant books I have ever read. I haven’t been this invested in the lives of characters since I read Harry Potter so many years ago, and the writing was absolutely brilliant. I cried harder than I ever had during any book. And it wasn’t the sappy ‘oh no bad things are happening in the story’ cry, it was a deep, real sadness that the book made me find. The insight into just the whole of life and the very idea of time and purpose are moving, and it makes you think about the things you don’t always want to think about— the things that are real and unavoidable. Everything about the book was real and relevant and thought provoking and exhilarating. 

Thank you John Green, for a book that I will read for the rest of my life.  

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