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Someone bombed Planned Parenthood.

What a class A asshole. When people do this, it makes me want to punch annoying, singing children’s toys. That’s how enraged I am. THAT’S HOW FAR THESE BOMBERS PUSH ME. In all reality, all the hate Planned Parenthood gets pisses me off. Planned Parenthood is a wonderful place that, you know, KEEPS WOMEN HEALTHY. Isn’t it just awful that an organization would want to help people? You know what, why don’t we just bomb them? Why don’t we just bomb all charitable organizations? Goodbye Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, Samaritans, Food Banks, WHO, really any NGO that likes to help people. Yep, all gone. Now isn’t the world such a great fucking place? 

Moral of the Story: Don’t bomb awesome places that help people unless you want to get your ass handed to you by me. I will beat you up. 

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An open letter to the makers of Dr. Pepper 10.

Dear makers of Dr. Pepper 10, I have seen your television commercials and heard those on the radio. I cannot fathom what went on in your marketing meetings that could have lead to such an unfortunate decision in your advertisement of this product. 

I have to admit, I have always found Dr. Pepper has had convoluted marketing but a devout following of teenagers with tattoos, much like

  • Lana Del Rey 
  • Chris Brown 
  • the Twilight books 
  • Adam Sandler movies 

No one knows why they like it, they just do.

The new marketing for Dr. Pepper 10 is appalling and all other silly gimmicks by Dr. Pepper pale in comparison to how bad this marketing campaign is. I do not understand why marginalizing both men and women into two-dimensional caricatures by creating lazy stereotypes where women do not barbecue and men only watch bad action movies from the eighties, is really pushing your soda. 

I aim to respond to your marketing in such a way that will be clear, that you have it wrong. 

My masculinity has never come into question.

I have traveled the world. I sport a handlebar mustache and often a beard. My facial hair has received local, national and international acclaim and been featured on TV, radio and print.
I wear eyeglasses, this could be because of poor eyesight or I could be a superhero in disguise.
At one point in my life, I ate so much bacon and red meat that organs in my body very literally shut down - while on the subject, I have never lost a food-eating competition of any sort. 
I often aimlessly wander the powertool aisle and am known by name at the hardware store.
I sing. In front of people. They like it.
I spend much of my time concerning myself with what I would do if a group of ninjas invaded the room. Everything around me is a weapon.
I watch Nascar.
I have a certain deliberate accuracy in calling third down interceptions.
I am master of the grill and a sandwich architect.
I can still outrun guys ten years younger than me.
I have been in more fistfights than most men twice my age. 
I will armwrestle anyone, despite the outcome and bet on myself.
Not only have I written an entire novel on a dare, I plan to publish it.
I have watched most films by Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock and Sergio Leone. 
I high-five people religiously.

Women taught me how to be this man. My mother taught me how to throw a curveball and play guitar, she was the only person to knock me out. My grandmother taught me to read. 

The design of your marketing is to guys who perceive themselves great but are overweight and insecure of public opinion. You market your drink to women, in a backhanded way that tells them, “you can tell your husband that it’s made for him” under the assumption that women can see their man, both for what he is and could be, but to get to that, you have to tell them how they don’t get to “participate”. 

I get that.

Have you ever considered doing it without being so condescending? 

You’re selling soda.

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So some guy just told me that there is no misogyny in history, men were merely greater than women. He said that if women really were that great, they’d make the ‘top 10 most historical figures list’. I don’t know where he’s getting all of his bullshit, but it’s really annoying. Especially when I bring up great, brilliant, and influential women like Theodora, Joan of Arc, and Empress Wu, yet he just combats it by saying that men are greater and then has the gall to say that that isn’t misogyny. Does he not understand that by saying men are superior to women and ignoring the glorification of men over women in history he is perpetuating sexism? Some people…. 

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CandidlyCara: So I woke up this morning in a pool of my own blood.


Wait, let me back up.

Hi, my name is Cara and I’m a 21 year old woman. Every 28 days, give or take, I have a period. And it fucking sucks. Today, was one of those where I take from the 28 day cycle. I wasn’t due for another period for at least a week, but considering that my period is pretty…

You know what’s fun? Starting your period early during a three hour band rehearsal. You know that if you can just get to your bag and to the bathroom you’ll be fine, but your idiotic band director won’t let you leave because his time is much more important than your health. 

Thanks and fuck you too.

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So… this morning I was at the Orthodontist, and they had the news on. The news story was saddening.

Basically, they were trying to use some bogus study to prove that there is a biological cause that makes women more timid than men, especially in group business settings. Then, on top of that, they tried to make it out as some huge step for feminism.

No, no that is like the opposite of feminism. Trying to prove that females are somehow less confident and more likely to not do things in business meetings isn’t going to help us whatsoever. It just perpetuates the idea, especially ingrained in business and law, that women are inferior to men, and that isn’t true. I don’t know how much more obviously anti-feminist that news broadcast could have gotten without calling to burn wives who can’t get pregnant. It’s pretty bad. 

It just really annoys me that things like this are broadcast on the news. Women aren’t less likely to be confident and get things done in their career because they have a vagina, end of story. 

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