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I'll answer honestly.

† Your religious Views?
@ Have you ever self-harmed? Why?
# Relationship with your father?
$ Relationship with your mother?
% Who is your most loved person?
^ Have you ever been bullied?
& What is your sexuality?
☼ Who makes you the happiest?
* What is the most heroic thing you've ever done?
+ What calms you down when you're upset?
♥ Have you ever fallen in love?
¤ Had your heart broken?
© Have you been betrayed in the past? How?
¶ Who do you miss the most?
§ Have you ever attempted suicide?
! Share a secret?

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arce-elliot asked: 14 24 3 6 7 GO GO GO

14. Who understands me? Okay. This is kind of a weird question. I think I have a couple of friends who are really good at reading me, like just the emotions expressed through my facial features. You guys at SM understand me for sure. xD I’m not really that hard to understand. While I think I’m a deep person, I also am not terribly secretive about most of my emotions. 

24. Bestfriends? I have a lot of best friends. I’m a big believer in having as many best friends as possible, despite how much is compromises the term. I have a really good friend that’s lived in South Korea for the last five years, and we still call each other best friends, which is awesome. My former neighbor from years and years ago is definitely one of my best friends (Haley). We hang out literally all the time. And then there are the kids in my school’s Socratic Club. We’re comrades (also, we’re the scarf crew xD). And then my band and orchestra friends. Half the people I’m listing probably wouldn’t list me as a best friend, but I don’t care. xD

3. Addiction? Kind of the internet…? I don’t know if that really counts, because it isn’t the internet itself that I’m quasi-addicted to, rather some things on the internet. Like Homestuck. xD Probably reading. I literally won’t stop to do anything when I’m reading. Like, when I was reading The Fault in our Stars, I missed dinner two nights in a row. xD (Oh, and reblogging these pitiful question things.)

6. Girls I trust? Any girls whom I listed as ‘best friends’. Also, I have this really badass history teacher, she’s pretty cool. She’s really good at helping out the kids she teaches. There I certain people I trust more than others. (Tiffany, Haley, Ginny, to name a few) Then there are some of my girl friends who don’t understand the idea of confidentiality, and while they’re awesome people, I wouldn’t trust them as much as others. 

7. Guys I trust? Most of the ones I’d list as best friends. There are some guys, again, that, while they’re really good friends, I wouldn’t actually want to tell them certain things. 

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